Recipes For Outdoor Grilling
With GrillGrates

From watermelon to carrots, beets to burgers, and the most juicy steaks, the ideas are endless.
Every recipe is better when it’s grilled on GrillGrates! It’s the number one grill surface supported
by grillmasters, BBQ champions, and renowned chefs.

Recipes For Indoor Grilling
With The Sear’N Sizzle Grate For Air Fryers

Multicookers are hot! And folks across the USA are discovering amazing recipes to cook indoors
on the Sear’NSizzle Grate by GrillGrate. As they fly off the shelves, we hope your recipe ideas will
fly in so we can share them.

Precision Grilling

Grilling meat indoors or out requires precision. It’s all about time and temperature. Cooking to a
precise internal meat temperature requires an instant-read thermometer. A laser thermometer
determines the temperature of the grilling surface so you know when your grates are in “the zone!” Tongs add precision via easy ‘lift and twist’ for perfect sear marks.

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