SCA Ribeye Recipe

Grand Champion Harry Soo of Slap Yo Daddy BBQ shares his SCA secrets for cooking a winning steak!

SCA Ribeye Recipe


March 12, 2020


2 Ribeyes (about 16 oz each)

A Good Beef Rub (Harry uses his own Pitmaster Harry Soo's Moola Beef Rub)

A Good Marinade (Harry uses Head Country Marinade)


Butcher BBQ Phosphate Tenderizer

Rosemary (still intact to be used for brushing)

1 cup Butter (approx 2 sticks)


When Selecting Your Steaks

1Choose ribeyes with nice marble and fattiness. Also look for one with a good ribeye cap on the steak muscle as this is the part the judges will sample. Steaks should be about 16oz (1lb each) and about 1.25" thick.

Preparing Your Steaks

1Remove the "heel end" of the steak. Trim excess fat off the steak, especially around the rib cap as this is where the judges will sample. Keep excess far for later.

When Marinading Your Steaks

1Sprinkle with marinade first. Then use a shaker cup to apply a light coating of the meat tenderizer. Next apply a light coating of Accent. Lastly, when applying the beef rub, sprinkle lightly from about 6 to 8 inches up to create a more even coating. Flip the meat and repeat.

2Cover steaks and let sit for about 45 minutes to an hour in the refrigerator.

The Cook

1Get your smoker or grill to about 275°F. Cook the steaks until the internal temperature is approximately 110°F. You'll need a good meat thermometer such as our Temp & Time Thermometer. Once steaks have reached the appropriate internal temperature, remove and let rest.

2Now it's time to sear the steak. You can do this on any kind of grill, but GrillGrates are a must. Get the grill good and hot, you'll want the grates to be about 550°F at the surface. We recommend a laser thermometer to be sure you reach just the right temp.

3Before you start searing, you'll need to melt your butter and have your rosemary "brush" ready to go. Also get those extra pieces of trimmed fat ready to grease your GrillGrates with.

4Once you reach the ideal temp at the grates, rub the raised rails down with your excess steak fat to get them ready.

5Put your steak on the grates at a 2 o'clock angle, for about 1 min to 1 min 15 seconds. Lift the steak, re-grease the rails and flip it over, placing at the same 2 o'clock angle. Apply butter with rosemary brush. Allow to cook for another 1 min to 1 min 15 seconds. Repeat the process again, but this time place the steak at a 10 o'clock position to create a signature cross-hatch sear mark.

6The ideal internal temperature for a medium steak is about 155°F when cooking. Remove the steak and allow to sit at room temperature until the internal temp is about 125°F.

7Slice the steak through the middle. You're looking for a warm pink center like the one pictured above - not too rare and not too done.



1Tie your steak with butcher twine to help it retain its oval shape.